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Dorei-ku The Animation
Unevaluated There is a device, called an SCM, which can effectively turn one person into another's slave. It fits into a person's mouth, much like a retainer, and two persons each wearing one can engage in a contest. The losers will find themselves unable to resist the urge to obey whatever commands the winners give them (although there are some limits). Somehow SCMs have found their way onto the streets of Japan, and various people are attempting to employ them for one reason or another.
Dorei-ku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei Unevaluated See Dorei-ku The Animation

Net-juu no Susume
Buy Moriko Morioka is 30, a 'corporate dropout' and a NEET, although she insists she willingly chose to become one. She attempts to create a new life for herself within 'Fruits de Mer', a fantasy MMORPG.
Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life Buy See Net-juu no Susume
Recovery of an MMO Junkie Buy See Net-juu no Susume
ネト充のススメ Buy See Net-juu no Susume
奴隷区 僕と23人の奴隷 The Animation Unevaluated See Dorei-ku The Animation

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