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Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Unevaluated Makoto Majima isn't actually a member of the 'G-Boys', an Ikebukuro anti-criminal gang. But he's an old friend of their leader, so he tends to find himself getting drawn into squabbles between rival gangs in the district.

The God of High School
Unevaluated The God of High School is an all-styles martial arts tournament. Any weapon is allowed, because nanomachines instantly heal any injury. the winner will supposedly be granted any wish. In Seoul, South Korea, Jin Mori, Han Daewi and Yoo Mira are almost disqualified before the first stage of the tournament begins after an eventful trip to the stadium.
アニメ「THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL ゴッド・オブ・ハイスクール」公式サイト Unevaluated See The God of High School
池袋ウエストゲートパーク Unevaluated See Ikebukuro West Gate Park

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