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Unevaluated Well-known middle school pitcher Takumi Harada has just moved to a rural town. He meets the local catcher Kou Nagakura, but finds that the two of them have somewhat different philosophies of baseball.
Battery the Animation Unevaluated See Battery

Rent The Mizuki Diving Club, or MDC, is in trouble: its longtime sponsor has passed away, and the people who now run his corporation do not care for diving nearly as much as he did. The only way they will continue to finance the MDC is if it achieves a seemingly impossible goal, namely earning a place at the 2018 Tokyo Olympics.

Dorei-ku The Animation
Unevaluated There is a device, called an SCM, which can effectively turn one person into another's slave. It fits into a person's mouth, much like a retainer, and two persons each wearing one can engage in a contest. The losers will find themselves unable to resist the urge to obey whatever commands the winners give them (although there are some limits). Somehow SCMs have found their way onto the streets of Japan, and various people are attempting to employ them for one reason or another.
Dorei-ku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei Unevaluated See Dorei-ku The Animation

Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
Buy Subaru Mikazuki is a fairly popular author of mystery novels who reads profusely himself. He's eccentric and would rather be reading alone than interacting with other people. He needs an idea for his next work, and thinks that a stray kitten, 'Haru', that he finds one day might provide it.
Farming Life in Another World Unevaluated See Isekai nonbiri Nouka
Grand Blue Unevaluated See Grand Blue Dreaming

Grand Blue Dreaming
Unevaluated Iori Kitahara is a college student living along in a coastal city who meets scuba-diving and fun-loving upperclassmen.
I'm Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness Unevaluated See Konyaku Haki Sareta Reijou o Hirotta Ore ga, Ikenai Koto o Oshiekomu
Ikenaikyo Unevaluated See Konyaku Haki Sareta Reijou o Hirotta Ore ga, Ikenai Koto o Oshiekomu

Isekai nonbiri Nouka
Unevaluated Machio Hiraku died a miserable death in a hospital intensive care bed after a terminal illness. The God who looks after him felt his life was such a cruel fiasco that he offers Hiraku a second one under pretty much whatever circumstances he chooses. Hiraku decides that he would like to be a healthy farmer. God arranges this, and provides him with 'the almighty farming tool', a versatile device that can transform into any simple implement that Hiraku wishes for.

Konyaku Haki Sareta Reijou o Hirotta Ore ga, Ikenai Koto o Oshiekomu
Unevaluated Demon Lord Allen Crawford finds a girl unconscious in his forest domain. This is Charlotte Evans, once the fiance of Prince Cecil of the Kingdom of Neruz, but now on the run after being falsely accused of treason by the Prince. After being told of the hard life that this supposedly high ranking girl had to endure, Crawford decides that what she needs is a crash course in all things naughty.

Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi
Unevaluated Fuyutsuki-san was considered stoic and unflappable in school, and she suspects that she is a good deal less emotional than the average person. While on her way to her first day at her first job she runs into a strange person: a man who literally generates freezing cold whenever he becomes nervous or excited. This is Himuro-kun, who explains that he's the descendant of a 'snow-woman'. Not surprisingly, he also turns out to be a coworker at her new job.
Libra of Nil Admirari Unevaluated See Nil Admirari no Tenbin
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