Persona: trinity soul

Title:Persona: trinity soul
PERSONA -trinity soul-
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Notables: Animation - A1 Pictures
R1 License - NIS America
The story takes place in Ayanagi City facing the Sea of Japan. It is a future oriented city recovered from the disaster, “Simultaneous Multiple Languish Syndrome”. A high school student, Kazato Shin (17 years old), and his little brother, Jun (14 years old), meet their bother Ryo, who is the chief of the police in Ayanagi City although he is young (28 years old), after an interval of 10 years.

In those days, strange events occur in Ayanagi City; sudden disappearance of all the crew of a submarine, “Languish Syndrome” after 10 years interval, “Inside out dead bodies case” – students are killed and turned into miserable figures. Ryo chases the organization lurks in a series of the events. On the other hand, because Shin is involved in the events, he materializes a grotesque featured “Persona”. Now the fate of the brothers begins to change....

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Based on the ↗Persona RPG game series for the Playstation, developed by Atlus.Set 10 years after the story of the original Persona 3 PS2 game.

New TV Series schedule to aire Jan '08.
Animation by A-1 Pictures

1:22min promo/trailer - YouTube Video

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