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What are "Franchise" pages?

Purpose and benefit

Many anime stories consist of several releases, be that TV seasons, movies, OVA releases, DVD add-ons, or even complete retellings or remakes. In order to make the visitor aware of these related releases, here at CAR we use to link to these related releases within the synopsis section of the anime page.

But when an anime story is scattered over a large number of releases this means that one would have to add an immense number of links manually, and if just one more related release were to appear, then Thus the number of links to be set for such a "Franchise" grows by the square of the number of related anime releases.

In order to avoid this maintenance hassle, we use the Wiki feature to include Wiki pages into other pages. The included Wiki page holds all links to anime pages of the whole Franchise at one location, so whenever a new anime release appears only two more changes are required: As a rule of thumb, we create a Franchise page when it would contain at least four references (as this might be the minimum amount of data that would call for using this mechanism and then save effort instead of creating additional effort).

Including the Wiki page

Including a Wiki page into any page at CAR is done by adding an INCLUDE reference to the Wiki page's name, such as

[include:Franchise Ai Yori Aoshi]

which will embed the content of the page Franchise Ai Yori Aoshi into the page where the reference is added, and provide a link for editing the content of the embedded Wiki page, then looking like this:

[edit] The ↗Ai Yori Aoshi franchise:
So we don't explicitly create the Wiki page, we just link to it first and add the appropriate content later.

The Wiki page "Pages" contains all Wiki pages here at CAR, so giving Franchise pages the prefix "Franchise " allows to get an overview of all Franchise pages at one location.

Layout of a Franchise page

As Franchises can be complex and individual (see Franchise Gundam for an extreme example), there's no "one size fits all" format for them.

Then again, having all Franchise pages look similar makes it easier to understand where they actually have been used, so wildly varying the layout may not be a good idea. Instead, just copy the content of any "similar" Franchise (in terms of structure complexity) and adapt it to the requirements of the new Franchise to get a "compatible" result without having to understand too much about text formatting in Wiki pages.

Given that Wikipedia is often a good source for additional information about the Franchise (and the exact relations between the various anime of it), adding a link to the Wikipedia page of the Franchise as the first line of the Franchise page has been proven helpful. Note that sometimes the name of the Wikipedia page may not exactly be the same as the chosen Franchise name; for an example how to handle this see Franchise Aria.

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