Well, the site's live on the new server. Posting to the forums seems to be broken... I'm looking into that. Once that's fixed I'll open up a thread to report any other weirdiness.
    Impending down time: Everything on the machine will be moving to new servers sometime in the next week. Expect some down time and some quirkyness post-move. Updates to follow.
    I put in a bunch of improvements for IE users. First, I started using this hack to fixup IE's nonstandard rendering. This makes it so that IE users can see the XML chiclets. It also fixes location of permalinks. It has the draw back of doing its fixes a brief moment after the page is first rendered, so you see the movement. I've added a little bit of browser sniffing (shudder) to float right the permalinks if you're an IE user instead of using the usual positioning. This makes it so that, normally, the only resuffling of the display is the xml chiclet. And finally, I changed the series editing display to be table based again (it had been div based). This fixes some heinous rendering problems in IE and also fixes some corner cases in Firefox.
    I tweaked the site layout today. This includes CSS changes, so it will likely take a shif-(refresh|reload) in see them in full. These should fix some of the layout problems people have seen with smaller windows.
    The site seems to have been broken between 2AM and 11AM today. One of the tables had become corrupt. I've restored it. I have not yet determined the cause.

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