Changed the session stuff a bit. Login now only works if you have cookies... if this becomes a problem I may be able to work something out so that use of cookies or unique URLs is configurable...
    It now only sends cookies when it needs to, so the site should be just fine, even if you have your browser setup to prompt you on each cookie.
    Sessions now expire after a day of inactivity.
    Added bug board and todo/suggest a feature list. Still waiting on Escaflowne. Even a "Buy/Rent/Watch/Avoid" rating would be good.

    Added my 3x3 Eyes review. Entered stuff for the first two OVAs. Entered
    keywords for almost all of the titles in the database. Added sorting to
    list by keyword (had to upgrade my MySQL for this one). Made index sort
    keywords by number of titles baring that keyword.
    All of my anime is now entered, at least in name. I will be going through them one at a time, entering data (top to bottom in the alpha listing).
    Episode specific stuff will come later. (As well as links to related sites, other then the IMDB.)
    Jason? You haven't entered anything about Escaflowne yet...
    Lot's of stuff on my todo list. Expect it to go online soon.

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