Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman

Title:Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman
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Notables: MATSUMOTO Rika
SEKI Toshihiko
Hiroya Matsumoto only hoped to follow in his late father's footsteps when he joined Right Trading Company. But instead of holding a regular desk job, he finds himself assigned to the Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman! With the sinister plot of the aliens of Planet Voice, trying to keep their identities , and having the worst superhero colors in history, can the Shinesman prevail?
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Rent 7 6 7 5 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:686#1552]
(Rent-/ Watch+)

Shinesman is a straight-up parody/ homage to tokusatsu titles featuring a group of costumed fighters and the evil aliens they fight holding day-to-day office jobs. The series takes itself seriously, yet knows what it is pulling considering the office workers who make up the costumed fighters are attending live tokusatsu performances in the instances where they are called upon and that the weapons used by the group like razor-sharp business cards are completely worthless on the enemies. The plot and characterization to this is pretty bare-bones with little depth in both areas, meaning the comedy is pretty much the major crutch that will make or break your enjoyment of Shinesman. While I wasn't laughing at everything the series delivered, I will give it credit that it at least tries for something different without resorting to gory violence, profanity or sexual content. If you enjoy both tokusatsu titles and anime, you're likely to get some laughs out of this series.

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Buy 8 8 8 6 7 Kendo [series:686#697]
For anyone who mmisses the glory days of Power Rangers, salivated over the suits in Bubblegum Crisis, and wanted to be one of the Gatchaman, you simply can't miss this series. The Shinesman: Gray, Salmon Pink, Moss Green, Sepia, and their new leader, Red, are sworn to protect the Earth from the evil aliens of Planet Voice. Things aren't often smooth for the members of the corporate superhero world, with Princess Shina showing up to wreak havoc, but falling for Shinesman Red, Gray's Montauge being taken away for an inspection, Sepia's daughter having chicken pox, Salmon Pink being treated as an office gopher, and Moss Green missing his date with Turkish twins.
The dub is excellent and will probably be funnier for English-speakers. The voice actors work well with the characters and the lip flaps are synchronized exceptionally well. All dubs should be this good.
The characterization isn't great, considering this is a two-episode long OAV, but it's still hilarious.
The music is all right... the opening theme is funny, but it can get old after awhile. The end theme is nice, but unmemorable. The animation is very good, bright and cute. There's very mild action, no questionable language or themes. This is one you can pop in the DVD player for when you want to or have to watch something with little kids or easily shocked people.
The DVD doesn't have many extras, just an art gallery, some previews, and textless opening and ending. But even if you do get the DVD, I still recommend the dub.
"What's wrong with gray? Gray is a regal, manly color. My Montauge is gray..." Shinesman Gray.

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