Oruchuban Ebichu

Title:Oruchuban Ebichu
Ebichu Minds the House
Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster
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Notables: Animation - Gainax
IWATA Mitsuo
SEKI Tomokazu

An anime that is severly ecchi, about a hamster named Ebichu. She is the housekeeper of "Office Lady"'s apartment (whom she addresses as "Goshujin-sama", which means owner-master) and has a weird knack for having sexual psychic thoughts. Her owner's boyfriend is named "Kaishounachi" which literally means "worthless".

[24 9-minute TV episodes based on the manga of the same title. Part of the Anime Awa Awa Hour Series aired on DirecTV Japan in 1999.]

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Buy Stretch [series:627#628]
I think the best summary of this series I could find would be the one at the Animesuki website:

"This show is not for children, but it isn't pornography either. It occupies some strange middle-ground where the only thing that is certain is that you'd be embarassed if anyone saw you watching it"

Yeah, I was thinking of burning a few episodes onto a DVD and sending them to my cousin, but the thought occured to me that if I did, she might think I was some sort of weirdo. But if I must be a weirdo to enjoy stuff like this, then a weirdo I shall be! I think the creator, Itou Risa, must have asked herself "what's the last thing somebody would expect to see incorporated into a raunchy sex comedy?--a Hamtaro-like, adorably cute pet!"

Oh, that poor Ebichu... She only wants to please her master, yet continually winds up getting the "bejeezus slapped out of her". At first I thought that surely she was getting killed every time and replaced with another talking hamster. I just wrote an episode review about Girls Bravo, and about how extremely not-funny the violence in that show was. The blood-letting in Ebichu gets disturbing at times, yet somehow I still find myself laughing. Why? Maybe because it's so overdone--you expect Ebichu to recieve some sort of punishment when she inadvertantly embarasses her master, but you don't expect to see her get splattered against a wall, and ten seconds later be back to normal. She's indestructible! Would this show be better if the violence were cut out? No, I think that would leave a large comedy vacuum in the middle of each episode. My favorite episode is the one in which Ebichu, Master, Kaishounachi, Miss Watanabe, and the guy with a hamster fetish go on a picnic to watch flowers blossom, or something like that. I think I liked it, in part, because for once it wasn't Ebichu who wound up with blood splattered all over her!

You wouldn't get half the jokes in this show if it weren't for the excellent translation and cultural notes added by AnimeMPEG. Though I have a major stockpile of unwatched anime on my hands, I'm currently rewatching Ebichu a second time. I just do it late at night, when everybody else has gone to bed...

P.S: This is the only show which a friend of mine, who has no interest in anime, thoroughly enjoyed watching!

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Watch 8 7 7 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:627#436]

I picked up several episodes of this title mainly because it was Gainax. I didn't know much more about it than that it had a hamster as the lead character, her owner "Goshuujin-chama" (a cute way of saying "Goshujin-sama"), and her owner's boyfriend. I saw a few images which lead you to think that this is a kids title. Heck, check out the cover of the first DVD. Man was I in for a shock when I discovered that this was Gainax's attempt to push the envelope as far as they could. All of the jokes are primarily sexual in nature. There are a lot of sex scenes as well, but that's when I discovered this is a HENTAI title. Well, how about a borderline hentai title as the sex isn't done like a traditional hentai anime title.

More shocking is when Ebichu gets violently smashed, stompped, etc. into a bloody pulp by her owner. Her owner is in her 30's and in a relationship with a man who's name means "worthless" and he lives up to that name by sleeping around. Of course she doesn't want to be told the truth, so Ebichu is going to be violently beaten for being told this and for all sorts of other offences.

Bottom line: I couldn't finish the series because I just don't like titles this ecchi and so close to hentai. I will admit to some laughs, but the bloody, violent treatment of Ebichu wasn't funny to me.

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Buy 10 7 8 8 9 9 MasterYoshidino [series:627#598]
This is one of the oddest anime series in existance. Oruchuban Ebichu stars a hamster who has a very sexual mind of her own and does not comprehend how humans have sex or their reasons for sexual acts or objects. Originally aired on DirecTV Japan censored, and released via Pioneer Japan in DVD and LD formats, uncensored.
If one was into crude sexual jokes, puns, and references to various sexual lifestyles of Japan, this would be THE anime to watch.
This is currently being fansubbed by AnimeMPEG

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