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Title:Extreme Hearts
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Hiyori Hayama has loved to sing since she was a child. She came to Tokyo to try to become a professional, but hasn't met much success. She's advised to try out for the special Extreme Hearts tournament in which artists and entertainers engage in a number of different hyper sports. These are sports in which the players wear Extreme Gear to boost their performances. Along with her only genuine fan, Saki Kodaka, and a friend of Saki's, Sumika Maehara, Hiyori forms an Extreme Hearts team named RISE--because they have nowhere to go but up.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4515#628]
(Two episodes watched):

Another extreme sport anime? I got a dubious feeling about this show right from the start, because I can't recall any seriously good ones other than Megalobox (and that was about a guy who refused to use the augmentation gear). Why is there a need for 'extreme' sports? It's like letting everyone take PEDs. The gear in this case seem to be special sneakers which glow and allow wearers to leap up entire flights of stairs or jump from the fourth floor and land safely (which Hiyori does). How do they work? Wouldn't a ball kicked by someone wearing these be dangerous? Sometimes a player would do something like that, but most of the time it seemed that their gear had been turned off and they were just playing normally. Anyway, Hiyori didn't pass the critical test of presenting herself as a realistic, likable character who I could sympathize with, and without that it is hard to care whether she achieves her goal or not. About all we know about her is that she loves singing, but not why. Saki has had some unpleasant experiences in soccer, and initially opposes Hiyori entering this competition, but in the end she did not seem all that deep either. In the end I was not left with any questions that I wanted answers to. The rules of the Extreme Hearts event must be flexible, since you can apparently add players to your team in the middle of a game. And who paid for the AI robots who helped team RISE practice and play? It looks like ultimately this will be about whether these three girls can succeed as an Idol group. But who really cares whether their favorite singer is also good at soccer, basketball and baseball? Not me, and I was impatient for this episode to end.

I watched episode two just in case this series would get markedly better. It didn't, but it was easier to sympathize with Hiyori, who refuses to give up. This show isn't terrible but nothing about it really stands out, either.

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