Baraou no Souretsu

Title:Baraou no Souretsu
Requiem of the Rose King
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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
R1 License - FUNimation
SAIGA Mitsuki
Richard of the House of York is impatient to get into the action as his father and elder brothers fight for the crown of the King of England in the Wars of the Roses. He has a secret: he is 'neither male nor female', and is cursed as a 'demon child' who will bring disaster upon the land. He idolizes his father and when his father is killed he lashes out in search of revenge.

'Inspired' by Shakespeare's play Richard III

24 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4426#628]
(Two episodes watched):

This anime may well set a new record as the most drab, colorless (literally) one that I have ever watched. It would almost have to have been done in black and white to feature less color. In most shows colorless frames are unusual; here colorful ones are. It's hard to believe that this was intentional, but the reviewers at ANN seem to agree that it was. Anyway, I was surprised to learn that this anime is based on Shakespeare's play. I recall hearing that Shakespeare was obliged to demonize the loser of the Wars of the Roses in order to not offend the reigning monarch of his time, who was a descendant of the winner. History is written by the winners, after all. Richard, the villain of the play, seems to be the main character, and his supposed curse makes good fodder for an anime. But this also means that I pretty much already know how things are going to work out in the end. I was pretty sure Joan of Arc didn't appear in Shakespeare's play, but apparently she did; at any rate, Japan seems entranced by her for some reason and it almost goes without saying that she must appear in any series about medieval Europe. In general I like historical stories, but I found it difficult to get engaged with this one. I feel I haven't gotten to know either Richard or anyone else (and the cast is large) enough to really care how they fare. I don't sense any particular deftness at depicting characters or telling a story, and certainly none regarding color selection. 24 episodes would be a big commitment for a show that has failed to 'wow' me. I watched episode two, because the reviewers at ANN seemed to love this show, but I still couldn't get excited. Maybe the basic problem is that the main character seems to be a villain--or, whether he deserves it or not, is destined for tragedy. And I doubt if any serious effort will be made to avoid it. As a result, it's kind of depressing. The humiliation of Richard's dying father was ugly. I noticed that the animation was rather weak, with lots of still photos substituting for movement, especially during battles. It's almost as if frames from a manga were used whenever possible to minimize the amount of actual animation that would be needed. I doubt if I will learn anything about history or morality by continuing to watch, so I will quit.

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