VS Knight Ramune & 40 Fresh

Title:VS Knight Ramune & 40 Fresh
Knights of Ramune
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Notables: Original Concept - ITOU Takehiko
R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
Two "Holy Virgins" fight an evil man who claims to be the sainted Ramune and look for opportunities to shed their clothing.

[OVA, 1997, 6 episodes, 28 min; see also prequel: VS Knight Ramune & 40 Fire]
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Avoid 4 6 8 7 2 Midnighter [series:438#94]
The obscenely catchy opening theme to Knights of Ramune is played during the US Manga Corp trailer, and this song made me want to see the anime.
It opens peacefully, a damaged android floating in space between credits, a giant ship apparently retrieving it. The next scene sets the tone for the series to come: Cacao, a Holy Virgin (holy in accordance to what religion, if any, is not said) whimpers and moans in orgasmic ecstacy, a side effect of using her formidable psionic powers.
Knights of Ramune is not actually hentai, there's no penetration, just lots of fan service, but fear not, horny fan boys, there is still plenty to offend. We'll start with the main male character, a flaming misogyinist who beats, smacks around, rapes, or otherwise abuses women in nearly every scene he's in. This is very disturbing in the fact that the poor girls always are portrayed very attractively while suffering, prompting the veiwer to wonder if maybe the production staff is sexually aroused by the hurting of women.
Speaking of the fairer sex in this anime, they are all stacked, their enormous breasts barely contained by their peek-a-boo "uniforms", prompting this reviewer to wonder about the lucrative chiropractors in this universe...
Bulging chests and all, though, the character designs are appealing, recalling Slayers and Airbats. At least the art is easy on the eyes.
The animation is apparently spent on bouncing breasts, relegating backgrounds static shots and relying on reused shots again and again to fill out the running time.
The English dub seems bored and disinterested, and obviously embarrassed by this foray into fan service, hiding behind obvious pseudonyms like Autumn Harvest. The cast sounds bored, the veiwer will be bored. T & A can only hold my interest for so long. At least the music is hummable.
The plot meanders along leisurely, taking a back seat to Parfait and Cacao's nipples, and when it is evident, there are plot-holes big enough to drive a truck through. The writers seem to know that this anime is just about the girls, and don't even bother trying to explain certain inconsistancies. Which is too bad, as what meager plot there is seemed interesting, if a bit convoluted. Overall, the story feels more like a rough draft than a finished script.
So, I have to urge an avoid on Knights of Ramune. Unless you get an erection watching cartoon women beaten and tortured, Knights of Ramune is a dull, sickening waste of time.

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