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Caiman is a person who has lost all of his memories after being transformed into a lizard-headed man by a sorcerer. Living in a grim urban region called Hole, he now hunts magic users in search of the one responsible for his metamorphosis in an attempt to recover his past and his face. Extremely strong and immune to magic, he has the help of his best friend, Nikaido. She is an agile fighter who runs a small restaurant at Hole. Their continuous slaughter of magicians calls the attention of a powerful sorcerer named En. He has his two best hitman, Shin and Noi, target the lizard-man and his ally. As Caiman delves deep into the search for his former identity, he starts acquiring odd clues that lead him into the bizarre magic world.
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TV anime that premiered on January 12, 2020.
Animated by MAPPA.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3791#628]
(One episode watched):

I am wary of shows that include magic, because sometimes writers of anime seem to take the attitude that their stories don't have to make sense, because they include magic and magic doesn't make sense. But there are no exceptions to the rules which govern what is really high quality and what isn't. Pretty much right from the start, Dorohedoro was bizarre and confusing. There are strange gateways between the normal world and some magical realm--I think this dark, dystopian world where the bulk of the story takes place is the 'normal' world but it wasn't clear. This lizard-headed man, Kaiman (there's a type of crocodile known as a Caiman) needs to stick people's heads in his mouth and then ask them what the man within his mouth (no kidding) said to them. Why in the world would that be so? No answer. Apparently Kaiman was once an ordinary human, but a 'magic user' converted him into the freak that he now is. Magic users, apparently, are really, really bad and deserve to die, and Kaiman enjoys hunting them down as a sort of revenge. One problem was that since he's basically a vigilante who takes the law into his own hands, I never really got the sense that he was a hero who I could sympathize with. In general, there are lots of messed-up, despicable people, but not really anybody I feel sorry for. And it gets pretty violent; a person gets their face torn off, fingers are slashed off, heads are crushed against concrete walls, etc. It's not all that disturbing a sort of violence, since everything is so bizarre and the villains aren't all that deep or scary. But, paradoxically, violence without a purpose or much of a reason is kind of boring. Basically, at the end I didn't feel much curiousity about what the explanation of Kaiman's situation would be and if he would ever undo it or get revenge.

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