Dr. Stone

Title:Dr. Stone
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Taiju had finally mustered the courage to confess to the girl he loves when, inexplicably, every person in the world literally turns to stone. After remaining in a strange, semi-conscious petrified state for 3700 years, he somehow returns to normal. He finds that his former classmate Senku--a haughty boy but a scientific genius--has likewise revived, and together they attempt to revive others and create a new civilization.

24 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3719#628]
(Three episodes watched):

It's hard to know what to make of such a strange premise. Episode one initially intrigued me, but also left me with little idea what approach this show was going to take to the mystery of why everyone turned to stone. It seemed that Senku would use his scientific know-how to solve all sorts of problems and jumpstart civilization again. But the basic problem--people instantly turning to stone--seems to have little or nothing to do with science. Petrification takes millions of years, and how in the world would someone remain semi-conscious throughout it, not starve to death, and somehow return to being perfectly normal afterwards? It makes no sense, is completely unscientific, and that does not seem to occur to the supposedly brilliant Senku. He makes no mention of being bewildered by it or wanting to know what caused it. Maybe we are just supposed to accept it at face value and not ask questions, but I found it so unlikely and inexplicable that I couldn't help wondering what the F had happened here. But the premise is so unusual that I felt I must learn more, even if no attempt would ever be made to explain the basic mystery convincingly.

Episode two gave me a similar impression. This show is supposed to be all about science, but the things that happen are often extremely unlikely if not outright far-fetched. Like, Senku matter-of-factly explains that the handful of lions that escaped from Japanese zoos have led to lions being at the top of the food chain throughout Japan in the distant future. But would their gene pool be large enough? Why would lions take off in the future when they never migrated to Japan in the past? And why weren't they petrified just like humans? So, this show is just unconvincing. And a muscle man who can kill a lion with one blow is conveniently revived? That was hard to take seriously. And the conflict between him and Senku seemed to have been hastily slapped together. The episode in general seemed rushed and shallow. I think it would be better if the characters agonized a little over their fate and took a little longer to figure out the tricks of jumpstarting civilization. It seems that the show is more about the hackneyed scientific tricks Senku is capable of than it is about the characters themselves. As a result I found it hard to get engaged and decided to quit watching altogether. The fact that this show will be no less than 24 episodes long was arguably the last nail in the coffin.

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