Cleopatra: Queen of Sex
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Notables: Original Concept - TEZUKA Osamu
Three people from the future are spiritually sent back in time to relive the era of Caesar, Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. As close companions to these key historical figures, they seek to understand the nature of an enemy's plan in their own time.
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112-minute film that premiered on September 15, 1970.
Animated by Mushi Productions.
The second film in Mushi Productions' Animerama erotica film trilogy.
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To say this baby was bizarre is quite an understatement. Cleopatra is a very loose depiction of the Egyptian queen's life during her time alive where she seduces Julius Caesar and Marc Antony to rid Roman influence over Egypt. The film mixes around comedy and drama to explore the plans that Cleopatra and her followers lay out to dispatch the two famous Roman generals and their troops, with the comedy milking sexual innuendo, some scatological humor, anachronisms, and double entrendres. Many of the Roman characters in question were rather over-the-top depictions such as Caesar depicted to have a ridiculous number of mental disorders and Octavian being a stereotypically flamboyant gay man. While the humor had its moments where it amused me, the storytelling is mostly a mess as it brisks by at a rather quick pace with depicting Cleopatra's life and the plot about the future travelers inhabiting the bodies of Cleopatra's supporters had little relevance in the grand scheme of the film's plot. Overall, Cleopatra was rather underwhelming fare to see compared to Belladonna of Sadness since it didn't really have much to its visuals and plotting that made it memorable in spite of its occasional moments of effective humor. I did hear this got a very underwhelming and lukewarm reception to audiences in 1970. And based on what I seen, can certainly see why.

A couple quick things to note. Obviously, this is a film aimed for adult audiences and is not recommended for children thanks to its strong sexual content and occasionally raunchy humor. Second, this film did get an American theatrical run in 1972 where it was promoted as a pornographic film under the name Cleopatra, Queen of Sex. Just like with Japanese audiences, Americans were not as receptive to Cleopatra due to its misleading marketing.

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