New Game!!

Title:New Game!!
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It's time to begin work on the design of a new video game for Aoba Suzukaze and her all-female coworkers at the Eagle Jump software company.

12 episodes. Sequel to New Game!.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3383#628]
(Part of one episode watched):

I did not realize until I began work on this review that this is in fact the second season of a show called 'New Game!' (notice that there is only one exclamation mark here). What I did realize, and very quickly, was that this is an extremely boring show and how it got a second season is beyond me. The jokes were so unfunny that I wondered if they had been intended as jokes to begin with. I wondered, was there one tremendous, ROFLMFAO joke just around the corner? Because nothing much else was being done to entertain me and surely the show had to deliver something. It seemed like a sort of moe mixed with otaku stuff theme. There were cute animals, a helium voiced girl, and a manager with a curious preference for female companions, but the jokes fell flat. The show was clearly trying to be a comedy, but just wasn't funny at all. Would we perhaps learn something interesting about how video games are designed and produced? There was no sign of it; whatever the girls had to say about the new project was extremely general and didn't teach me anything new at all. The overall tone was too wacky for any serious problems to ever come about. I wasn't interested in the brief (re)introductions of the cast members, since they were utterly two-dimensional. So, what exactly was I supposed to watch this show for? I fast-forwarded through around half of the episode, watched a little bit more, and, finding that nothing had changed, gave up.

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