Sacred Seven

Title:Sacred Seven
セイクリッドセブン (Japanese)
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Notables: NAKAJIMA Megumi
Seventeen years ago, several meteorites carrying seven types of alien crystals landed on Earth. Given the name of Sacred Seven, these crystals withhold the power to alter DNA and cause mutations. Inheritor of overwhelming abilities from this enigmatic legacy, Alma Tandoji is an unsociable 17-year-old student feared by his schoolmates due to several rumors of his violent behavior. He is contacted by Ruri Aiba, a rich teenage girl and CEO of the powerful Aiba Foundation, who pleads him to help her fight a mysterious enemy that very recently started causing massive havoc through the land.
(Synopsis courtesy of ANN)

A Summer 2011 series

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2466#628]
(One episode watched):

Perhaps my problem with episode one of Sacred Seven is this: hardly a single line of the synopsis above is revealed to us during it. This is a show which leaps right into the action without a hint of explanation, hoping that the viewer will be 'wowed'. But I was not all that impressed--why did they give away the not all that brilliantly animated main monster in the first minute or two of the show? Another funny-look-in-the-eyes hero? a talking idol something-or-other? Ancient Greek mythology? A girl who conveniently places herself in harm's way for the sake of a guy she doesn't even know? This just seemed largely like a mish-mash of generic action/adventure bits slapped together without much care regarding whether it made sense or not. I wondered for awhile whether it was supposed to be an action/comedy (maid-snipers?). All the disjointed bits and pieces left me thinking WTF is going on? Please give me an excuse for an explanation, because otherwise I can only scratch my head and shrug my shoulders. How do I get excited when I haven't got the damndest idea what's going on? You can't wow me with decidedly average stuff. Yet there were a few good points scattered among all the stereotypical ones. It's just that the attitude of episode one seemed to be 'Hey, aren't we awesome? No need to make sense here'! Will this show ever really explain the premise?

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