Genius Party Beyond

Title:Genius Party Beyond
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Notables: Animation - Studio 4°C
A sequel called Genius Party Beyond, segments of which first appeared in snippets of the earlier movie, but not finished in - Genius Party.
  • Dimension Bomb - 19min
  • Gala - 14min
  • MoonDrive - 14min
  • Toujin Kit - 14min
  • Wanma the Dog - 13min
Originally released in November of 2008.
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Rent Ggultra2764 [series:2140#1552]
This follow-up to Genius Party features five more animated shorts in an anthology format animated by Studio 4C with different stories and themes depicted. Like my review on Genius Party, I'm ditching numerical ratings of the overall film and just offering quick thoughts on each short within the anthology:

  1. Gala: A small town of oni gets struck by a massive object that is sensed by three of the oni to be a living being and they play music to soothe it as it comes to life. A pretty imaginative short that is nicely animated in depicting the fantastical developments that unfold with the oni and their interactions with the object, as well as offering up a surprise ending regarding the true world that the oni are living in.
  2. Moondrive: A small group of criminals jump through hoops at trying to uncover details concerning a mysterious treasure map they come across during one of their robberies. The animation for this is a bit rougher in details, though this does go along well with how unscrupulous the activities of the criminal group. Their antics are more on the comical side in this short thanks to the shenanigans they go through with uncovering more about their treasure map and the reactions they have with the hurdles they face in their endeavor.
  3. Wanwa the Doggy: This short explores a child's dreams with having joys and fears with his pregnant mother about to give birth. As the short is primarily exploring a child's perspective on a life-changing event for his family, the animation style for this is a bit on the abstract side with its chalk-like visuals. But this is a fitting visual style for showing a child's inner thoughts.
  4. Toujin Kit: A young woman in a future world is illegally creating aliens she stores in stuffed animals and winds up trying to flee from the police when they discover her activity. This short raises quite a number of questions regarding the future world that this series is set in since the short is more focused on narrative than world-building. But it is still engaging to see unfold with the woman's activity and the truth concerning her true motives becoming unveiled.
  5. Dimension Bomb: A girl is able to pull in a boy from another dimension and results in a chaotic experience for the both of them. Perhaps the best animated short within the anthology, this short primarily focuses on the great pains that the boy goes through to meet with the girl pulling him within her dimension.

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Rent Jan-Chan [series:2140#967]
More of the Studio 4C weirdness that we all have come to love and be bewildered by. In the spirit of the previous movie and their earlier Amazing Nuts! #1, these five shorts are music driven snippets paired with absolutely incredible anime. (remember - these are the people who animated Detroit Metal City (TV), the award winning Mind Game and Tekkon Kinkreet)

Dimension Bomb - 19min
Nineteen minutes of throbbing trance music paired with incredible animation. Very abstract, very surreal, very intense. My take on it would be a story of opposites - Alien ∞ human, real ∞ unreal, city ∞ country, love ∞ hate, summer ∞ winter, boy ∞ girl.

Gala - 14min
This one is my favorite of all these tales. A giant orb falls on a magical village, destroying part of the countryside. At first the various local people try to attack the intruding object, with no success. But their efforts seem to have awoken it and the shell cracks, sending out tendrils that shoot through the forest. An elder summons three of the villagers: a boy, a girl and a giant cat, and tells them that the object must be calmed with music. And so their serenade begins.

MoonDrive - 14min
A weird little ↗keystone cops tale - slapstick comedy, goofy humor and very odd characters. Four loser-wannabes tired of hanging out in their favorite bar, decide to set off on a quest for riches and fame by following a cryptic treasure map. Much hilarity ensues in their comic adventure.

Toujin Kit - 14min
Great animation, stunning visuals and a strange storyline. A girl raises stuffed animals in her little apartment, but her actions have come to the attention of local police who understand what she is really doing and they are determined to stop her.

Wanma the Dog - 13min
Goofy childish crayon and crapepaper-like images. This one totally lost me and lost my interest. A boy goes on a strange dream quest searching for his dog.

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