モノノ怪 (Japanese)
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A collection of supernatural mysteries involving a mysterious medicine seller in feudal era Japan trying to figure out the origin and motive of any spirit before he is capable of slaying them with his sword.

12 TV Episodes.
Animation by Toei Animation.
Series first aired on July 13 '07.

A spinoff of the Goblin Cat story arc from Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror .
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This spinoff of Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror takes the Medicine Seller character from the Bake Neko short of the anthology and gives him his own 12-episode series where he becomes involved in several cases involving hostile spirits. Like said case, the Medicine Seller tries to deduce the type of spirit wrecking havoc, the circumstances leading to its haunting and what its purpose is before he can slay the spirit with his sword. Each arc in Mononoke features a different cast of characters connected to the case who are fleshed out enough where their perspective on the circumstances that might have led to the spirit haunting.

The series retains the animation style used from the Bake Neko short in Ayakashi featuring an abstract style of animation with varying colors and design patterns used in the rendering of character designs and scenery. This style serves its purpose to portray the bizarre and haunting world of the differing hostile spirits that the Medicine Seller and characters within each arc of the series enter, as well as the varying mental states of the characters as they confront sides of themselves they don't want to confront from the Medicine Seller's interrogations or fearing the spirit that's attacking them. The visual presentation fits in well with Mononoke's storytelling as it enhances the suspense and tensions from the activity of the various spirits. The traditional Japanese music used at many points of the series also fits in well with the feudal Japanese setting seen throughout much of Mononoke.

I would have hoped the series did explore more about the character of the Medicine Seller as nothing is unveiled about his character. Also considering the show's self-contained arcs with plot and its unique visual animation style, this show won't be for everyone. But if you are looking for something different to check out and have interest in anime taking place in feudal era Japan, you can't go wrong with checking out Mononoke.

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