Aria the Natural

Title:Aria the Natural
Aria 2
アリア2 (Japanese)
水星领航员 第2季 (Japanese)
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Notables: Music - KUBOTA Mina
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R1 License - Subtitled Only
On the planet Aqua lies the watery city of Neo Venezia, a tourist hub in which people travel around in gondolas. Professional gondoliers known as Undines are well-revered as they act as tour guides for the people. Akari Mizunashi is a gondolier in training and also an employee of Aria Company. She gets to meet all sorts of people as she takes them on the gondola rides, from friendly mentors to special individuals, all this admidst the beautiful scenic backdrop of the entire city.

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Buy 8 8 8 9 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:1633#1552]
Continuing off from the first season, Aria the Natural returns to feature more of the everyday developments from Akari and the other Undines on the planet Aqua. The notable elements from the first season are brought back again such as the mellow, gentle music and the great amount of focus on the beautiful scenery found throughout Neo-Venezia. Being at 26 episodes, this season allows more time to be focused on the other Undines as they are given more development with their characters, some serious and some funny, making the characterization element improved from the first season. There is also additional focus on the mysterious elements to the series that Akari is drawn to (hinted with the time travel developments in an episode from the first season) that involve the mysterious leader of the cats, Cait Sith. I still wouldn't recommend this series to anyone who can't get attached to the show's mellow, serene mood and episodic developments as it is still an acquired taste. But anyone who seen the first season hoping for a break from more manic and otaku-oriented titles should be able to get a good amount of enjoyment out of this second season from the Aria franchise.

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