Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula ZERO

Title:Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula ZERO
Future GPX Cyber Formula ZERO
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Hayato continues his career in the year 2017. Can he win the title again? And what is this thing they call the Zero realm?
[8 episodes; 28min]
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Buy 9 9 10 9 8 9 Big Fire [series:1547#2441]
Actually Zero encompasses two racing seasons...Hayato crashes in to Randolf in season one. The good news is that someone other than Hayato actually wins a grand prix...The bad news is we barely see the action of season 1. It is more about Hayato recovering from injury...As the OVA conintues, we know more and more about the Zero realm... The next season starts and SUGO has a new driver and it isn't Hayato...Thankfully SUGO starts up a second team and Hayato is able to catch on...New enemies are abound as Bleed Kaga and Henri Clayton are introduced to the mix...The Battle for the second season is on...

I like Cyber Formula...Maybe because there are not that many anime with cars to choose from... It was Speed racer from a long time ago(does that count as anime?), then cyber formula, then initial D... Character development is good in Cyber have friends that turn into enemies on the track, and vice versa... I thought the idea of the zero realm was cool...I do believe some racers have that extra ability above and beyond...ala A. Senna from formula 1...I didn't like the ending though...and I am not sure about Asuka's hair...and the Super Asurada didn't get pumped up...but all in was a good way to keep the Cyber Formula story line rolling...SUPER ASURADA GO!!!

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