Dragon Pink

Title:Dragon Pink
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A poor girl named Pink puts on the cursed panties of torijama and gets turned into a sex kitten, literally! She is the slave of an abusive hero(?!) named Santa as he traverses a fantasy land with adventurers Pierce and Bobo.
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Watch 0 0 0 0 0 0 Iceman_Aragorn [series:148#1517]

Last updated Monday, August 22 2005. Created Thursday, July 29 2004.
Buy 6 6 6 5 4 4 DarkAstheir [series:148#868]
Maybe because I Have the Original Manga. I Put "BUY". Because this is a Hentai Classic, Every Hentai Collector i know has this one (Especially Nekomusume[Cat-Girl] Fans). It was a Parody on Dragon Quest(or Dragon warrior), it originally came out before the Cliche's were Cliche` I only wish they made more, than you could trully appreciate how hilarious this hentai is.

Last updated Tuesday, July 22 2003. Created Tuesday, July 22 2003.
Watch 5 5 4 2 3 3 Lickylick [series:148#133]
Dragon Pink is another one of several forays into the hentai possibilities of roleplaying games. Pink, the exotic cat-girl slave, Santa, the incredibly abusive and misogynistic hero, Pierce, the magical and horny female elf mage, and Bobo, the big-man warrior with a large cock, are on an adventure of some sort. Whether it be to track down magical stones or just simply save half-naked townsfolk, the crew generally tries to accomplish their tasks by harming/selling Pink. The sex is generally very softcore until you hit the 3rd episode, but you do manage to see a decent amount of "hot" action. The major turnoff for me was the general asshole nature of Santa. He beats and abuses Pink and doesn't even seem to care about her at all, aside from the few times that he saves her which probably were only motivated by a desire to fuck/sell her again.
The animation is not high quality and the characters appear to be very average looking cliches. The music... well, I don't remember any off hand, unless you count the moaning of women as they have cocks/rods/water/dildo cobras shoved into them. The plot is non-existant, and there is very little good to say about this anime.
The only saving grace of Dragon Pink is that it is easily mocked... VERY easily mocked. I enjoy watching hentai so that I may make fun of it throughout, and Dragon Pink certainly supplied me with plenty of ammunition (dildo cobras, magic-restoring "protein drink," and the Breasts of Fire spell just to name a few). I give this a watch only based off of this humor value. If you enjoy mocking pitiful attempts to create humorous hentai or if you really get off watching this type of thing, I suggest you give Dragon Pink a viewing. If not, why the hell are you even reading this review.

Last updated Sunday, June 01 2003. Created Sunday, June 01 2003.
Avoid 6 7 4 5 3 3 Alexander [series:148#416]
Anyways, only 3 esp. haveing only seen the 2nd esp. it is basically an RPG game, and starts of like that. There are some cheesy jokes here and there with some weird Bondage acts that you'll likely fast forward over. don't watch it it sucks and the story is lame

Last updated Tuesday, January 14 2003. Created Tuesday, January 14 2003.
Avoid 6 6 5 2 4 4 Dingle [series:148#35]
The story is set up like a computer RPG. Over all the show sucks. Their is a lot of bondage and the hentai scenes are not that good. I have only seen one episode, but that is enough for me.

Last updated Friday, June 16 2000. Created Friday, June 16 2000.

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