Project BLUE Chikyuu SOS

Title:Project BLUE Chikyuu SOS
Project Blue Earth SOS
ProjectBLUE 地球SOS (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - A.C.G.T.
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
R1 License - FUNimation
In the last 20th century, a new power technology called G-Reaction was developed, but during a test of a new G fighter plane, it vanishes in a flash of rainbow light taking the pilot James with it. Five years later, a new G-Reactive train is being presented and it also disappears in a beam of light. 2 young geniuses (Billy Kimura and Penny Carter) discover that this is a precursor to an alien invasion. Before they can convince anyone of the truth, the aliens attack. All looks lost for the world. But all of a sudden a new plane shows up called the Sky Night and it is equipped with weapons to fight off the Bogwon aliens.

Based on a series of illustrations entitled 'Earth SOS' created by Shigeru Komatsuzaki, and published in the 1940s. Komatsuzaki is a famous Japanese sci-fi illustrator and model designer who worked on many popular projects during his lifetime, including the Thunderbirds puppet TV series, Atragon and The Mysterians.

Six OVA episodes (each 45min).
Animation by A.C.G.T.
Originally aired July to Dec '06.
German License by Panini Video.

Originally licensed by ADV Films. On July 4th ’08, it was announced that R1 License for this title has been transferred from ADV to FUNimation.

1:28min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Watch 9 9 8 6 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:1417#1552]
Well as Forbin mentioned, Project Blue Earth SOS adopts a 50s sci-fi B-movie plot making use of the typical cliches of the genre in exploring Penny, Billy and a mysterious organization being involved in thwarting a takeover of the Earth by aliens. The series adopts a retro-futuristic setting which depicts how the future would look with the adoption of technologies from the 50s and it presents quite the imaginative setting mixing modern landscapes with how futuristic devices would be perceived by those living in 1950s America. However being tacked with said movie cliches, you can see the plot devices and contrived developments of Blue Earth coming from a mile away and your mileage will vary on how well you enjoy them. Visuals to the series are clean with plenty of vast detail and a diverse number of settings such as the city, the hidden futuristic lair of the mystery organization and even the planet in which the aliens are from. Action sequences were well animated featuring a good number of aerial and ground fights between human and alien forces from battles in space to a land evasion from alien efforts to sabotage military plans to thwart their threat. While I did enjoy getting some laughs out of seeing just how corny and ridiculous the setup of Project Blue Earth SOS was, this isn't the kind of series I would be willing to watch again anytime soon.

Last updated Friday, November 18 2011. Created Friday, November 18 2011.
Watch Forbin [series:1417#1573]
All R1 episodes watched

  • Drama : Med
  • SciFi : High
  • Comedy : Low / Med
  • Action : Med / High
  • Ecchi : None
Played like an old 50's radio show. Everything is over the top: the music, the acting, the screaming of the word 'James', even later when you get the 'Bucky show'.

It starts out pretty good, aliens kidnapping any vehicle that uses G-Reaction. Then all of a sudden we find a whole CITY using G-Reaction. Huh? Then we learn that the kidnapped people became zombies that die very quickly. But then we learn they make people who are invulernable. Huh? Then we learn they want something called Element X, but they IGNORE the person who has element X. HUH? Then we learn the aliens have the ability to control our minds, but instead they start blowing things up. HUH? Then the aliens figure out how to cancel all G-Reaction, but they attack using creatures that use G-Reaction. HUHUHUHUHUH?

It was interesting, but the end finally left me going, whomever wrote this script was full of crap. Owells...good disc 1 and ok disc 2 and crappy disc 3.

Last updated Sunday, August 24 2008. Created Sunday, August 24 2008.

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