New Dominion Tank Police

Title:New Dominion Tank Police
Tokusou Senshatai Dominion
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Notables: Original Concept - MASAMUNE Shirow
R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
In the follow up to Shirows classic anime, Al, Leona and their trusty steed, Boneapart, continue to fight crime in New Port City, alongside the rest of the Tank Police. But a new threat appears in the form of a series of terrorist attacks, using the latest weapons technology. The Tank Police are out-numbered and out-gunned, but Al and Leona set out to discover who or what is behind these attacks. With massive explosions and high-speed chases, Leona often causes more damage than the criminals she pursues.

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-6 OVA episodes

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2:03min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Watch 7 6 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1396#1552]
Despite my lukewarm reactions to Dominion Tank Police, I think this second offering of the series is not as somewhat fun to see compared to the original OVA. The gritty and comical feel of the original series is a bit more restrained here as it spins in light drama and an ongoing plot when the Tank Police cross paths with a corrupt corporation involved in illegal drug trafficking. The drug trafficking plot is kind of cliched and the villains involved are nowhere as fun and engaging as Buaku and his catgals (who make some appearances, but don't have as much screen time here) from the original series. On the plus side though, all the original members of the Tank Police are back again and retain their eccentric personalities and lack of regard for collateral damage from the original series. The visuals are somewhat improved here with smoother details and more vivid color, though animation shortcuts are implemented fairly often here. Plus, this series lacks the catchy soundtrack from the original series. If you have interest in any anime offering of Dominion Tank Police, stick with the 1989 OVA series and don't bother with this one here.

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Buy 7 7 7 8 0 0 KBanger1 [series:1396#1694]
I've seen both the original and this one. I did view this one first before the original. I was really skeptical about this title because the thought of weird tanks in an anime didn't mesh well. Thankfully, I was wrong. NDTP was a delightful surprise. The comedy part was pretty heavy and didn't really focus entirely on the plot. It was only six episodes so I thought in the back of my mind that it wouldn't work. It looked like six episodes are all they really needed. It's simple, it's funny, and it definitely kept me awake for the entire series.
This story focuses on the tank police which is a division of the entire police department. Their jobs are compared to a SWAT team, but with huge ass tanks. Not to go too deep into the story, the tank police is disliked by the public and the mayor is supporting the public to put an end to them. The tank police believe that their ways of stopping crime (which involves destruction of public property, endangering the public, etc.) is what the town needs because violence is the only way to deter crime. That should give you a decent start if you have some interest in this title. I suggest you watch the original Dominion Tank Police OVA before the new one. It all made sense after watching the original. This anime and it's original are both good buys. It's a nice switch from the current anime out there.

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