Yume Tsukai

Title:Yume Tsukai
Dream Users
Dream Weavers
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Notables: Original Concept - UESHIBA RIICHI
Mishima Touko and Mishima Rinko are "Dream Users", people who have power over the "world of dreams". Their job is to solve mysteries and fight evil in this dream world (created by the human spirit). At the request of a middle-school student named Nakajima Kei, they investigate the mystery of a dead girl from two years ago, and a seemingly related incident where twenty-four girls all became pregnant, but never delivered. The 24 girls were all from the same class as the dead girl. The mystery grows to encompass the entire school as well as a legend thousands of years old...

Based on the manga by Ueshiba Riichi, who is known for his bizarre stories that usually contain a mix of eastern mysticism, classical literature references, unusual sexual themes, and mystery.

Animation by Pony Canyon, MADHOUSE, DR MOVIE & Others
12 TV Episodes

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Watch 7 8 6 6 6 Alaunus [series:1354#2506]
The central theme of every episode is a type of forbidden love, the series wasn't too long and some of the episodes I didn't pay much attention and sorta zoned out.

The animation was good, it showed that effort was put into the series, I especially liked the ending song which fit the mood of the series.

It was entertaining but thats about as far as I'll go on this.

Last updated Thursday, July 26 2007. Created Thursday, July 26 2007.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:1354#967]
While this series is very episodic and the characters are kinda cutesy, I will admit that I was charmed by the pretty creative and weird story. This is something definitely off-beat, uncommon and well worth at least one glance.

Last updated Wednesday, November 04 2009. Created Monday, May 29 2006.

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