Onna Senshi Efe & Jiira Guude no Monshou

Title:Onna Senshi Efe & Jiira Guude no Monshou
Gude Crest - The Emblem of Gude
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They`re Efera and Jiliora, freewheeling soldiers of fortune, and if there`s trouble to be found, they`re usually in it up to their eyeballs! So, when an escape from a slave ship results in Efera`s possession of the legendary Crest of Gude, it`s only natural that these feminine firebrands want to return the stone to it`s rightful owner. That`s easier said than done, however, for the Crest is actually the property of the young Princess Rubiella and her brother Julian, now being held as hostages in the land of Forda. Of course, the fact Efe and Jira have only got two swords and a handful of beginner`s level spells to aid them is going to make things a little rocky at first, especially since the Prince and Princess are being held by the High Priest of an evil cult that worships an even more sinister Goddess! But hey, whoever said that quests were supposed to be easy? When Efera and Jiliora set their minds to a task, they`ll get it done even if it kills them and every other living being in the Four Kingdoms! And given the odds against them, it just may come to that.

(From AnimeNfo, feels like the US release blurb though.)

One OVA episode (46 minutes)
Produced by J.C.STAFF, M.T.V & Tairiku Shobou

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