Gekiganger 3 OVA

Title:Gekiganger 3 OVA
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Cheesy parody spin-off from the series Nadesico.

One OVA episode, Animation by XEBEC.
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Watch 5 5 5 5 5 Dingle [series:112#35]
If you have watched Nadesico, you know what Gekiganger is. This is a great show to watch at a convention with a lot of people. I can not explain how cool it was to sing the opening theme and cry when Joe die with hundreds of other people. It not only makes fun of classic giant robot shows, but the movies as well. The first half is compilation of all the clips from Nadesico, while the second half is a new story. This show even has a camio appearence from the Nadesico crew.

Last updated Friday, May 05 2000. Created Friday, May 05 2000.

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