Puchi Puri Yushi

Title:Puchi Puri Yushi
Petite Princess Yucie
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Notables: Animation - Gainax
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
Yucie is a little old girl. Well she is a 17 year old girl that looks 10. She appears to be under a curse to keep her at the current age / maturity of 10. When she hears of the Platinum Tiara that can grant the wearer any wish they want, Yucie goes out to find it. Little does she know but to wear the Tiara you have to be 1) Chosen as a princess Candidate, 2) Pass all the little tests along the way to prove your worthiness, 3) Find the 5 crystal flowers spread throughout the dimensions, and 6) Beat out the other 4 girls who are also candidates.

Add in a Queen, her Father the famous swordsman, 5 stewards (friends and companions), an Ancient Dragon, and the boy Arc who keeps showing up and Yucie is in for a ride.

It's hard to see them but the girls names are Yucie (Human), Glenda (Demon), Coocoloo (Ghost), Ermina (Angel), and Beth (Fairy)
26 Episodes
R1 : From ADV
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Buy Forbin [series:1047#1573]
Drama : High (Near the End it goes into overdrive)
Comedy : Med
Action : Low
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : None

I was crusing for something that my children could watch after they finished Angelic Layer and ADV just released this.

Yucie is a title that I had trouble finding reviews all through the anime sites. AnimeNFO didn't list it's R1 title. And outside of Anidb, no one else had any info on it.

Wow I can't believe Gainax did this. Remember this is the same people who did Ebichu. It's an Anti Ebichu! This is very cute, the English VA's did a great job, and I'm actually enjoying watching this.

Some episodes are filler, most aren't, but usually Yucie learns something that will help her keep going forward to the prize. Each girl comes from a different dimension but there is a mystery surronding Yucie and her father that is part of the main plot. It's sorta transparent but this was made for the child. Each girl also has to grow, the 2nd girl the Demon is a riot to watch. Each girl represents a certain spectrum of personality.

Damn Gainax! That place just surprises me all the time.

Edit : Finished! OMG Did they turn up the drama on the last 4 episodes. This is a great buy and is even better than Angelic Layer.

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