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11/12/2010 02:08 PM

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Anyone have a problem with me adding in 'Multi-Ending' as a keyword?

Multi Ending animes are typically harems that 'rewind' the action to allow viewers to see all or most choices the Protagonist can make to end up with different girls.

With AmagamiSS and now Yosuga no Sora both have Multi Endings I was thinking it's time for a keyword but at this time there are 2 animes.

Anyone object?


11/12/2010 05:01 PM

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I'm for it. I think it'll be cool for the readers to know what titles can give them a perspective into every scenario.

Yosuga no Sora is amazing. The current arc for Amagami SS is a sleeper for the most part.

Edited on 11/12/2010 05:31 PM.

Devil Doll

11/12/2010 07:04 PM

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I would prefer having at least five anime of this type (so that selecting "all" anime of this type would result in a significant number of hits, thus it may be too soon to make this a category already), and to avoid the word "typically" in the description.


11/12/2010 08:00 PM

Reviews: 478
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I can wait for 5.

Clannad and Kimi Ga are Alternate retellings. Done AFTER the anime was over.
Higurashi is Time Travel, so that doesn't count.

So we will wait to see if other companies pick up the format before making it canon.

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