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08/22/2010 06:23 AM

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Ever since I joined Mikomi, I wondered if this site has this theme for a certain reason. I'm really just wondering about cus it's been on my mind for a while, although this isn't the main reason I created this thread.

I would like to request horizontal rules between animes in the By Rating and By Title sections. The synposis's for the show seem to mix so it's pretty hard to differentiate between them. Idk if this would be asking too much, since I've never made big websites, so if it's too much trouble, just ignore it.

Devil Doll

08/22/2010 09:44 AM

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Taking a closer look at the HTML source code, the current display appears a bit mysterious as the table lines (HTML tag "<tr>") have different background colors ("#dddddd" resp. "#d0d0d0") for the exact purpose of being easier to tell apart from each other.

But these colors are set in the HTML code. Perhaps they are overruled by some CSS specification that Rebecca wrote years later (and wasn't aware that they killed this little feature as a side effect)? The table is a simple "<table>" tag without a class name, and the only CSS file included by these pages is - which in fact contains background color specifications for tables and table cells. So here we have the culprit.

The elegant way of doing things would be: Change the HTML code generation of the "By Rating" and "By Title" lists from adding colors to adding classes "odd" resp. "even" for alternating table lines, plus setting different background colors for "tr.odd" and "tr.even" in the Cascading Style Sheet. This shouldn't take a lot of time for Rebecca.

I suggest you create a bug report entry in

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