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Devil Doll

06/07/2010 05:14 PM

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We now have a large number of "Franchises", i. e. anime groups including at least four entries at ANN. These anime tend to provide long stories with lots of events, side stories, spin-offs etc, and as such may have their own target group (albeit these visitors might also look for "endless series" which often happen not to be "Franchises" in CAR terms).

CAR already provides a "list of Franchises" on the Wiki pages page. But this page isn't easy to find and contains lots of other entries so that one would have to scroll down to the "Franchise" pages.

In order to tag each "Franchise" in a way so that the CAR software could automatically create a list of anime that are "Franchises" at CAR, the usual mechanism would be to create a Category keyword for them and tag one "representative" anime entry with it. (Say, the first TV season or the first entry in the "Franchise" list).

Would such a category make sense for visitors? (I'm not really sure myself; the number of "Franchises" at CAR is 50+ already, we would have more than enough candidates.)

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06/07/2010 05:45 PM

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This looks like a consensus request to me (long pause)...


If you mean a way to reorganize everything and make one master list of all the franchises (by the first season or what not), then that sounds more like a necessity then a request. Those that do visit will want a list of everything and that will make things convenient for both parties (us and them).

You have a green light from me...

Devil Doll

06/07/2010 05:59 PM

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The master list (for regulars who are about to decide whether to create another franchise) is what we have already (on the "Pages" page of the CAR wiki as linked above); it's just not as user friendly as normal keywords.

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