FIXED: Keyword selection in Firefox 4 bugged

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04/29/2011 10:56 AM

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Clicking a keyword in firefox 4 toggles visibility of the checkbox (wtf?)


04/29/2011 11:57 AM

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This bug also comes up in Firefox 3.5. But you can still toggle the keywords of a series by clicking on them if you need to make edits.

Devil Doll

04/29/2011 03:40 PM

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Yes, that's an old effect I've long become used to (selecting Notables is the same IIRC).


05/04/2011 09:12 PM

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Yes, the same code. Freaky. I wonder if it worked in Firefox 2. I assume it worked at some point in the past-- I did test it when I first wrote it. =p

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