Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu - 4: Suizenji, Answer Me

Title:Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
Episode:4: Suizenji, Answer Me
A mighty strike hits the Sonohara Air Base, resulting in a blazing fire [image1] and a state of emergency announced, which Suizenji takes as opportunity to find out more about the forbidden territory. Classes at school are called off from today on; Asaba is still in search of his mechanical pencil when Iriya is leaving the classroom. But Akiho immediately follows the girl, inviting her [image2] to collect data for a newspaper article together - and to everyone's surprise Iriya agrees to join her! Asaba and his classmates secretly follow the two girls.
Pretending to collect data about the quality of food, Akiho visits a number of restaurants, but Iriya orders "the same as hers" everywhere. Akiho asks Iriya why she didn't attend the school festival and brags how nice it had been there together with Asaba - but when she claims to have danced with the boy at the campfire, Iriya spits a "Liar!" at the other girl. But there's one more place to go for them, and Akiho orders the Strong Man Set Meal [image3] which must be completed within the hour...
Iriya earned a lot of respect today, but Enomoto [image4] scolds her for not having called him, and drags her away. When Iriya attends classes some days later she has pale hair, and Asaba notes that she has problems to pick up her pencil from the ground. He follows her to her hideout [image5], but when she starts to vomit blood the boy panicks and runs to the Nurse's Office. Shiina manages to ease Iriya's pain, and she tells Asaba this isn't the first blindness bout for the girl. Asaba discovers that several of his school utensils have dropped out of Iriya's bag [image6], and Shiina explains this is a charm for Iriya which she carries with her whereever she goes. But when Asaba complains what the adults have done to Iriya, involving her in their war, Shiina's reaction [image7] is quite a surprise...
Back in the club room, Asaba tries to calm down, but then he discovers Suizenji's code for being on a mission. Iriya enters the club room and apologizes for the "Asaba bag"; right when Asaba tries to soothe the crying girl a cell phone is ringing, and they can overhear [image8] Suizenji being arrested by the Air Base personnel! When the sirens start, Asaba asks Iriya to run away with him - but she tells him there's a bug inside the boy's body...
[2005-09-02, Devil Doll]:
Despite looking funny, this is a serious battle of respect between the two girls, and they're both well aware of it.
And just watch how the mood turns around within a second (accompanied by the appropriate music) when Enomoto appears out of nowhere! This is perhaps the most striking characteristics of this series. I explicitly avoided to give details or even use images of the more intense scenes - you have to watch these yourself to get the full effect of the shocking development.
IMHO Iriya can easily compete with Chise as for her cuteness level, which is important for the overall effect as well.

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