Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu - 2: Love Letter

Title:Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
Episode:2: Love Letter
The air shelter incident made Asaba and Iriya (in)famous in no time; Asaba is now considered a hentai at school. Chairman Suizenji, aware of Iriya's link to the Sonohara Air Base, orders Asaba to ask the girl out for a date (as to make her join their newspaper club and use her as information source); hesitatingly the boy agrees.
Asaka almost overslept, and his younger sister Yuuko [image1] wonders why he's so energetic today. Enomoto has cleared out the area for potential activities in the meantime, and together with Shiina Mayumi (the fake nurse) he secretly monitors [image2] Iriya who went to her date four hours early! Enomoto is not really surprised to notice that Asaba is secretly followed by two people independently - Suizenji of course, plus Yuuko (who has been curious as about this place and time being circled in Asaba's movie magazine).
Inside the movie auditorium Suizenji and Yuuko exchange information, and they listen to Asaba's and Iriya's conversation [image3] via the bug he installed in Asaba's pocket. Iriya hasn't slept all night (due to an alarm at the Air Base) and falls asleep while watching the romantic movie. Shiina and Enomoto enter the auditorium, and with his cell-phone Enomoto connects to Suizenji's bug's frequence - but Suizenji notices the additional signal and manages to blast their receiver! Shiina and Enomoto have to run; Iriya (now aware of the observation) takes Asaba to the ladies' room, makes him undress [image4] and - removes the bug! Then she steals a scooter and blasts away at full speed, still dragging Asaba along. Suizenji and Yuuka try to follow them but they soon have an accident [image5] with their motorbike.
On their way home Asaba and Iriya are waiting for the bus, but when Asaba suggests entering a children's playground Iriya's nosebleed returns and she almost collapses. Asaba is frustrated that he doesn't know how to help her; hesitatingly [image6] Iriya tells him the story how one of her fellow pilots died and the remaining four ran away from the Air Base into the desert, almost dying with thirst. They suddenly came across some children's playground [image7] (whose paint still had not dried yet!), only to be picked up by helicopters soon after.
When Asaba arrives at school on the next morning he finds a love letter [image8].
[2005-09-01, Devil Doll]:
If this were a 26 episodes series then fleshing out the support stuff like this might be just fine - but with only 6 episodes it was a major waste of time. Compared to the rest of this wonderful OVA, this episode sucks: They put all the silly-ecchi jokes in here and put the focus on the side characters, most notably Suizenji and Yuuka (none of which will play any significant role in this series), thus giving the impression of a romantic comedy to the audience. Which is just so wrong, if you know how this series is going to continue! Even Shiina and Enomoto seem to take things easy at this stage...
Note the wonderful music from the moment when Iriya and Asaba are truely alone at last, with the girl opening up for the first time. Iriya obviously isn't happy about her role as pilot, as we were able to see in episode 1 already; Asaba is willing to help the suffering girl but despite being an UFO investigator he still has not much of a clue what Iriya's job actually is like.

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