Cutie Honey (TV) - 7: The Black Panther Sings the Dance of Death

Title:Cutie Honey (TV)
Episode:7: The Black Panther Sings the Dance of Death
At the "National Treasure Buddhist Image Exhibit", guards are terrified by a black panther which grabs a golden idol in it's jaws and makes off. Seiji tells Honey that since the idol was one of a pair, Panther Claw will surely try to steal the other one from it's temple. Sure enough, the panther snatches the second idol, and Honey pursues it back to it's master, "Iron Shadow", at the "International Great Circus". Honey transforms into a pierrot (a sort of clown), but the panther, "Jango" senses her true identity, and Iron Shadow lays a trap...
Pretty average, I'm afraid. What was missing were any particularly funny jokes, and without those 1970's era animated action came across as disappointing. I do recall getting a thrill when the neat music kicked in during the climactic scene.

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