Cutie Honey (TV) - 6: The Black Shear Cutting the Dream

Title:Cutie Honey (TV)
Episode:6: The Black Shear Cutting the Dream
"Scissors Claw" informs Sister Jill of the completion of the aptly named "Scissors Land" amusement park. The Queen of Korador, Dartea Marie has been invited to the grand opening carnival as a ploy to steal her fabulous "Queen's Ring". Meanwhile, Honey pulls a prank to slip out of the nearby St. Chapel Academy and come attend the ceremony. However, she overhears Panther Claw agents talking about their robbery scheme. Queen Marie is in fact a snot-nosed child who only wants to have fun. Her nurse, a fat, ugly woman, is enthralled by a handsome man inside the park--Danbei Hayami!
OMG--this is so crazy! I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks after the scene in which the nurse asks Danbei and Junpei to escort the Queen. Maybe around 1973 an amusement park cost less than a fabulous piece of jewelry... If I were taking this at all seriously, I'd be pissed at the way Panther Claw operatives never seem to get off a shot with their lugers before Honey kicks the crap out of them. At one point Honey jumps up in the air and kicks two opponents, in different directions, before landing on the ground. You go, girl!!!

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