Cutie Honey (TV) - 4: The Devil Spotted in the Beautiful Forrest

Title:Cutie Honey (TV)
Episode:4: The Devil Spotted in the Beautiful Forrest
Zora-sama exhorts Sister Jill to redouble her efforts to capture the EMD. She responds by assigning yet another hideous Panther Claw villainess, "Badfly" to the task. Late at night, the Museum of Antiquities is robbed--not just the priceless works of art inside are stolen, but the building as a whole is ripped from it's foundations and disappears! Seiji comes by Honey's school in a helicopter and picks her up, despite Miss Pochi's efforts. They fly in the direction in which Seiji thinks the museum was taken, until they encounter Badfly in midair...
In this original anime incarnation of Cutie Honey, Panther Claw seems to have no other objective besides the simple accumulation of wealth. It's definitely imperative that you not take this show too seriously in order to enjoy it!

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