Cutie Honey (TV) - 2: Fire Peony of the Night--Dance of Swords

Title:Cutie Honey (TV)
Episode:2: Fire Peony of the Night--Dance of Swords
At the unveiling of an outdoor sculpture, Sister Jill, "Panther Claw's area manager of Japan" claims possesion of it, then blows it up before the onlookers' eyes. Reporter Seiji Hayami was injured at the incident, and when Honey comes to the hospital she finds a carefully laid trap awaiting her. Her opponent this time is "Fire Claw", who takes Hayami's father hostage and pursues Honey back to professor Kisaragi's place. Junpei Hayami shows up at the worst possible time, and is captured as well. Fire Claw demands the elemental manipulation device, or else the two of them will be barbequed!
Miss Alphonne, one of Honey's schoolteachers, seems to be a lesbian with a crush on her (and remember, this show came out way back in 1973)! Panther Claw agents vaporize into thin air after being knocked out--do they have some sort of elemental manipulation device already? The charm of this show comes largely from how wacky it is at times--witness Fire Claw's preferred mode of transport!

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