Cutie Honey (TV) - 1: The Black Claw Captures the Heart

Title:Cutie Honey (TV)
Episode:1: The Black Claw Captures the Heart
London, Paris, and sites all over the world are under attack by Panther Claw, a mysterious international gang of criminals. Meanwhile, Honey Kisaragi slips out of mass at her Catholic school, despite the efforts of the grotesque Miss Arbone and Miss Alhinitsh. In reply to a plea for help from her father, via a micro-transmitter, Honey races for home. Along the way, Dr. Kisaragi instructs her to employ surprising skills which Honey had no idea she possessed. She finds her home being ransacked by masked men of Panther Claw, whose asses she handily kicks. But it's too late, for she finds Papa lying dead or dying. Why was she able to transform into such an effective combatant? And what did Panther Claw want at the house/laboratory?
Despite being a touch corny at times (well, who doesn't already know the basic story behind this series?) this show just oozes style, especially in the scene in which Honey takes on Black Claw and gets her first taste of revenge for her father's murder.

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