Peach Girl - 9: Operation Destruction of Pure Love

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:9: Operation Destruction of Pure Love
Jigoro wants to make up with Sae, and tells her he'll grant any request she may have--which gives her an idea. She tells him that Momo is in fact a huge fan of his, and asks him to go out with her just once. She says Momo has been really mean to her since she found out they were dating, and she hopes this will satisfy her. Jigoro offers to warn Momo not to do anything to her, but finally agrees to Sae's request. Touji has invited Momo to his house for a private Birthday party, since his family will be out late. Momo is nervous about being alone with him, but in spite of her fears everything goes wonderfully--until the phone rings...
Hmm... Too many coincidences! Not only does Sae's highly complicated plan come off without a hitch, but all sorts of coincidences, which she wouldn't have dared hope for, work to her advantage as well. Why did Momo get in the car with Jigoro? Why would he have said he'd come back if Sae told him Momo was there with her? Doesn't anybody suspect a trap when Sae is involved? I guess if Touji is about as good at telling anime characters apart as I am, a certain scene might have really happened... At least Momo and Touji don't fall for it hook, line and sinker, and wind up feeling more angry at Sae than at each other, which suggests their love really is progressing, and the series hopefully won't become too repetitive. I'm looking forward to the next episode, after Kairi remarks that "We have to get revenge on Sae"...

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