Peach Girl - 8: Black Girl

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:8: Black Girl
Thanks to Jigoro, Sae has become an overnight celebrity. She boasts of the extravagant gifts and exciting dates that he treats her to, thoroughly annoying the other girls in class. But she is frustrated when Momo, who is completely satisfied just to have Touji as her boyfriend, is unimpressed. Sae notices Momo and Touji's I-love-you finger sign, and scoffs at it. She says Touji isn't so great, since he was so gullible last year--"The one who is decieved is at fault!" is how she puts it. Momo replies that she doesn't expect Touji to be perfect. Sae is pissed, and goes on a Jigoro-financed shopping spree. When he asks her what's wrong, she angrily wonders why Momo seems happier than her. Jigoro is shocked when Sae says that he cannot grant her wish and she cannot date him any more--she wants Touji!
Momo and Touji's romance keeps developing in a cute way, even if Sae won't give up. At the end of the episode Jigoro says he'll grant Sae any request, and she gets an idea. I'm probably wrong, but I may know what she has in mind.

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