Peach Girl - 7: A Brief Love Sign

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:7: A Brief Love Sign
A new school year has begun, and Touji has gotten a sort of crew-cut as penitence for allowing himself to be fooled by Sae. Momo's friends are shocked to learn that nothing much has happened between them over the summer. Momo doesn't want to rush things, she wants their romance to be perfect to make up for all the "detours". The question is, will Sae try anything now that school has begun again? But after her utter humiliation last year, Sae is miserable, a mere shadow of her former self, and now being tormented by all the girls she betrayed in the past. Momo cannot help feeling that Kairi is avoiding her. She had thought that all the girls showing up to expose Sae's lies was just a coincidence, but now she learns that it was Kairi who organized it all, and she goes to thank him. Later, Touji tries to kiss her, but for some reason she instinctively recoils. She realizes that "this is bad!", and her friends reccomend that she initiate a kiss. She settles for a secret finger signal with Touji. Sae is so pathetic that Momo takes pity on her in gym class, which has the effect of transforming her into an eager, voluntary slave of Momo's. While on the town one day, they run into a pair of fashion magazine photographers who ask them to come to the nearby studio for some pictures to be taken. While there, Sae bumps into male supermodel Jigoro, who asks her why she seems to be continually sucking up to Momo...
OMG... well, that's about what it would take to reinvigorate Sae's prestige! There is far more superdeformed mode in this episode than usual--in fact, Sae was in perpetual SD mode, as a symbol of her humiliation, until the end. Clearly a new story arc has begun, and I think the changeover was well handled. Now, if I can only get my hands on any additional episodes...

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