Peach Girl - 6: Crash! Love Sudden Death!

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:6: Crash! Love Sudden Death!
Kairi seems to have conceded that Momo should be Touji's boyfriend, but she wonders why him unexpectedly hugging her made her heart race. Sae has been telling everyone that Momo is deliberately losing the swimming races to spite them for taking her side, which infuriates the other classmembers. Kairi leads Sae back to the place where he told Touji to be waiting, and as an out of sight Touji listens he flatters her into explaining how she "mind controls" the class. He points out that Touji will be returning to school soon, and will surely deny her claims that she is his girlfriend. She replies that summer vacation is just around the corner, and she will make Touji hers during it. Sae returns to the pool to find that Momo has won four races in a row and is being cheered on. But she overhears gossip about her hugging Kairi in the locker room, and tells her that he's just playing with her--and gets slapped. Just then Kairi and Touji arrive, and Kairi decides to employ an unusual tactic against Sae's trickery...
Believe it or not, this synopsis barely goes past the station break! Let's just say that at the end of the episode somebody winds up royally screwed, to the extent that it's hard to imagine where the plot will go from here.

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