Peach Girl - 4: Pure and Righteous Declaration of Catastrophe

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:4: Pure and Righteous Declaration of Catastrophe
Kairi tells Momo that Sae convinced everyone in the class to keep the fact that Touji is in the hospital a secret from her. Her story is that Momo is trying to steal Touji, who is her boyfriend. Momo is infuriated and drags Kairi to the hospital to deny Sae's stories. On the way, Kairi asks Momo why she's Sae's friend in the first place. Sae sees them coming and pulls a stunt just as they enter Touji's room. Kairi drags her from the room so that Momo can talk to Touji in private. Momo is shocked to find that Touji seems to believe Sae's accounts rather than hers. She employs a dramatic ploy to get him to promise to listen to everything she has to say. Sae, listening from outside the room, is furious, until a new idea comes to her--she proposes that Kairi cooperate with her, so that he'll get Momo and she'll get Touji!
The SD sequences in this show are hilarious--especially when they reveal Sae's true nature!

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