Peach Girl - 3: You'll Go That Far!? Super Sae

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:3: You'll Go That Far!? Super Sae
After finding Momo and Kairi together at the pool, Touji grabs Momo and drags her away, then tries to kiss her. But she resists, due to doubts Sae has sown in her mind, and the fact that they are at the same place where she saw him kissing Sae. She guesses that he only cares for her outer appearance, and doesn't care about her feelings. Momo is so deep in troubled thoughts that Kairi has to save her from stepping in front of a bus. Later, she spots Touji standing in front of her house. He apologizes, leaving Momo overjoyed. At school, however, Sae employs a new tactic: she portrays herself as the innocent victim of a jealous and angry Momo!
Each episode of this show has at least as many plot twists as two or three episodes of the average High School romance anime. The notes I wrote down about this single episode took up half a page (and I write incredibly small). Watching just half an episode wears me out.
Touji doesn't seem nearly as skeptical of Sae's ploys this time, which is a bad omen for the future. Kairi, on the other hand, seemed fairly thoughtful at times. The OP sequence suggests he will wind up a friend of Touji and Momo.

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