Peach Girl - 25: Last Hurricane

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:25: Last Hurricane
Momo has just chosen Touji as her permanent boyfriend, since Kairi seems undependable-and then Sae tells her about how Kairi tried to fight his way through the last typhoon to reach her, only to see her with Touji. Momo is shocked and breaks down in tears. Later, she runs into Misao and learns why Kairi was late for their prearranged meeting that day. She can't help feeling guilty for accidentally betraying him. She is so upset that she talks with Misao until she's over an hour late for her meeting with Touji to set off on their trip. Touji, being the sort of person that he is, has waited loyally and isn't offended. Sae and Kairi are watching from hiding, and as Momo and Touji walk off together, Sae concludes that Touji has finally won. "Man, I wanted to see one last big twist in the plot at the end, though" she comments. She suggests they use Kairi's cell phone to mess with Momo a little more, but he refuses. On the train, Momo can't take her mind of the things she has just learned. "I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to have fun" she says. Kairi and Sae also board a train, but not to follow Momo and Touji, as Sae had expected. He wants to go to Shiranami, which was supposed to be the destination of his trip with Momo. Momo gets an cell phone e-mail from Kairi, saying he's going to "make himself fish food". She wants to go to Shiranami immediately, but Touji won't let her go. "If you go it will raise his hopes again!" Touji says. "What will you do after that? ...If you really have to go, break up with me first!"
I had a smile on my face as the series came to an end, even though Momo's final choice (or should I say refusal to choose) between Touji and Kairi kind of came out of left field. It was almost as if everything was decided in this final episode and the rest of the series didn't matter. Well, if the show was popular in Japan, there would be no trouble tacking on a second season! I wish Sae had gotten some more closure as well.

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