Peach Girl - 24: The Truth Of Good-Bye

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:24: The Truth Of Good-Bye
Morika, a jilted ex-girlfriend of Ryo's, was behind him being assaulted by three punks in a park. Sae tries to shield him and gets severely kicked in the gut--and she has just learned she is pregnant. The punks realize they've gone too far, and back off. Momo, Touji and Kairi rush to the hospital where they find a beaten-up Ryo, who blames himself for Sae getting hurt. Sae fears she may have lost the baby, but Ryo reveals that the doctor has told him that though she honestly believed she was, she was never really pregnant to begin with. Momo can't help thinking about how she was unable to choose between Touji and Kairi as her permanent boyfriend--"I don't understand my own feelings" she says. Now that their interuption is over with, they again expect her to make her choice. "I'm sorry, Okayasu (Kairi)" she says. "I just can't be with you". Since Momo has chosen him, Touji advises Kairi that that's the way it goes, and he should give up. Instead, Kairi knocks Touji down, grabs Momo and drags her to a taxi outside before Touji can catch up. At a seashore park Kairi asks Momo why she didn't choose him. Momo replies that when she's with him "I feel like something's missing". She's always "Hoping, waiting, but never getting a clear answer... I always ended up hurt instead of being happy". By agreeing to be his "second best" girlfriend, "I sold myself short". In contrast, she feels at peace with Touji. Kairi swears he won't disappoint her anymore, and only loves her, not Misao. But Momo says she can't believe him and wants Touji. Back at school, Momo and Touji are discussing their prospects for college. Momo fears that she'll have to cram so hard that they won't have much time together. In response, Touji proposes that they take a short trip together over the next break. Later, Momo is discussing the plans for the trip with friends when a surprisingly cheerful Sae walks in. Having learned that she wasn't pregnant after all, "It's like I've come to my senses". What about Ryo, Momo asks. "I'll give up" Sae says. "I've already caused him so much trouble. I didn't get him to love me, but it was the first time I've ever been able to love someone that much". Momo is surprised at Sae's openness and happiness in spite of being hurt so much. "Somehow I feel jealous of Sae", Momo says to herself, "who can say it's completely over". Sae comes across a depressed Kairi. "You can't just take a woman's words as they are!" she advises him. "You have to press her farther, make her tell you what she really feels, especially with someone so stubborn!". On the day of her trip, Momo is surprised to find that Sae has come to escort her to meet Touji. She asks if Momo is really happy, and doesn't regret rejecting Kairi. "Confess! Didn't you have second thoughts after Okayasu told you how he really feels?". She implies that Momo chose Touji because she feels she "owes" him. Then she tells Momo about something startling that Kairi once tried to do for her...
Sae seems to have shaken off her mistaken pregnancy rather easily, but I doubt if we've heard the last of Ryo. I mentioned last time how I was wondering how the series could end without one of the two male leads getting devastated. When Sae was offering Kairi some heartfelt advice, the thought occured to me, hey, maybe it will turn out to be Momo + Touji, and Sae + Kairi! That would work! Apparently there is only one episode to go, in which to wrap everything up...

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