Peach Girl - 22: An Imaginary Love

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:22: An Imaginary Love
Momo wonders why Kairi was carrying her picture in his student handbook instead of Misao's, who she had thought was his true love. She keeps her thoughts to herself, and agrees to go to Touji's house after school to watch a movie on DVD. Touji notices she's not paying much attention to the movie, and starts kissing her until she shouts "Stop it!". He admits that when she seems quiet and down he worries that she's thinking about Kairi. "After it ended so quickly like that," he says, "I figure your heart can't be completely healed yet... I'll wait as long as it takes for your feelings to have completely turned over to me". Momo feels both relieved by Touji's honesty and patience, and guilty for feeling happy when she found the photo. Misao meets Ryo, and he proposes they go on a date. First, however, they must meet Kairi--"Let's show him how happy we are!" Ryo says. Misao, however, says "I'd like you to forget what I said the other day about how I feel about you". For one thing, she doesn't want to tear him away from Sae. He assures her that his romance with Sae was already over before she confessed her feelings to him. "It seems like before I realized what was happening, she'd already made me her boyfriend in her own mind". They meet Kairi in a park--and he has brought Sae with him. Sae is furious to see Ryo and Misao together--"Why are you with her when you won't even answer my phone calls?!". "Why?" Ryo responds, "Because I feel better when I'm with Aki (Misao)". "We were never dating in the first place" he points out to Sae. Momo and Touji are nearby and see a crowd forming around the heated argument. They arrive just in time to hear Sae make a shocking revelation calculated to keep Ryo from abandoning her...
Ouch. Sae is a skillful liar, of course, but if she's telling the truth for once she is in deep trouble. I've only watched the first half of this episode, so more later...

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