Peach Girl - 21: A Warning Of Recurring Love

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:21: A Warning Of Recurring Love
After struggling through the typhoon to get close enough to call the hotel that Momo had booked, only to be told that she is there "with her companion" (Touji), Kairi is devastated. Back at school everyone is surprised to see Momo and Touji walk in together. A friend warns her not to be so "conspicuous", lest she become the topic of hot rumors again. The friend knows why Kairi failed to show up for the prearranged meeting with Momo, because he desperately called her and everyone else in hopes of finding Momo afterwards. Momo is shocked--"What will Okayasu (Kairi) think when he finds out about Touji and I?". To her surprise, Kairi seems cheerful and doesn't seem to consider missing their trip to be a big deal, which only convinces her that he didn't care for her as much as she thought he did. Momo's friend asks why she got back together with Touji. She says it was because "He had been protecting me the whole time" (during the breakup that Sae had engineered). Misao (who has a strange bruise on her face) asks Kairi if he ever explained to Momo why he didn't show up that day, and when he says he hasn't, she says she will. He insists all is well, and there's no need for that; she wonders how he can give up so easily. Kairi notices her bruise, and as luck would have it, Momo sees him through the window with his hand on her cheek. Momo is told that another friend, Nami, seems especially angry at her for her sudden change of boyfriends because her own boyfriend recently dumped her. Momo decides she should explain to Kairi what has happened before he hears it from someone else. Sae walks into the room feeling weak and looking pale--she too has a bruised face. When Momo suggests she go see Misao, she angrily responds "I don't want any help from that bitch!". Later, Nami is lecturing Momo about how she shouldn't keep a second boyfriend on standby as "insurance". She asks Momo why she couldn't wait any longer than the agreed five minutes; Momo says it was because she loved him that she couldn't wait any longer. Kairi, it turns out, is standing right behind Momo's back...
As imperfect as it is, why do I keep watching this show, and looking forward to each new episode becoming available as a fansub? What's different about Peach Girl? I need some time to think it over...

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