Peach Girl - 20: One Stormy Night

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:20: One Stormy Night
Having recovered from his pneumonia, Kairi arrives back in Tokyo with some time to spare before his meeting with Momo, which will signify that he wants to continue being her boyfriend. He runs into Misao at a florist shop. He says his life threatening illness convinced him that he loves Momo most of all, and Misao compliments him for seeming "more like a man". She says she is going to meet Ryo, and since he's dating Sae she doubts he'll feel the same way about her as she does about him--but at least she'll have "closure". "To tell you the truth" Kairi says, "I hope it doesn't go well between you and Ryo"--he says this just as Ryo has arrived and is standing behind his back. A disheveled man accuses Ryo of driving his company into bankruptcy, and assaults him with a club when he denies responsibility. Momo comes along and sees Kairi hugging a distraught Misao, and jumps to the wrong conclusion. As Kairi and Misao take a taxi to the hospital, Kairi is confident that Momo will understand him missing their important meeting, but Misao isn't so sure. Kairi realizes that he has yet to openly tell Momo how he feels about her, and leaves the hospital and rushes back. "I guess I'm just second after all" Momo has concluded. Touji comes along, and Momo tells him what happened. "I can't wait anymore" a tearstricken Momo says to herself. "If I can't have you (Kairi) all to myself, it's not enough anymore". A typhoon is approaching, and on the seashore (where she and Kairi were going to travel together) she remembers her first meeting with him. Touji has followed her there because he's worried about her, and watches from a distance as she sits alone and thinks...
The moment when Momo happened to see Kairi hugging Misao, and immediatedly jumped to the wrong conclusion, almost made me groan. She bounces back and forth between her two boyfriends too easily, completely changing her love based on coincidences, and without any significant doubt that she may have misunderstood something. Still, this episode had a number of clever touches, like Touji's finger "L" (love) sign. Sae is clearly my favorite character, I finally realise!

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